“They rock like The Stooges, they dance like Tony Manero
and they party harder than Keith Moon”
(Amber Cowan, Sleazenation)

"The most dangerous live band around...
See 'em before they get locked up!"
(Simon Price, Independent On Sunday)

"This is maximum rock n' roll. Time to get excited."
(Stevie Chick, NME)


Sabado, Portuguese mag supplement
Time Out, Lisbon

Heatwave Magazine, London

Vive Le Rock Magazine, London


Louder Than War - review by Tommy Mack

Über Rock - review by Dom Daley

WhisperinandHollerin - review by Simon Phillips

60 Minutes With... - DVD review by Dave

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London. The dawn of the new Millennium. The Britpop party is over and the UK music scene is suffering from a severe hangover. The promise that Things Can Only Get Better now seems like a distant dream. Then, as if from nowhere, The Parkinsons burst onto the scene and give the music business a shot in the arm and a kick up the arse.

Singer Afonso, guitarist Victor, and bassist Pedro, met in their home town of Coimbra, Portugal - land of Madeira, Catholicism and boredom. Relocating to London, in search of adventure, they teamed up with fiery Scottish drummer Chris Low.

They swiftly built a reputation for chaos, revealing their penchant for getting naked on stage and attempting to abuse anyone or anything that refused to worship at their altar of rock'n'roll damnation. In the shadows, The Libertines and Razorlight were taking notes.

Having conquered London, The Parkinsons were unleashed onto the rest of the UK, receiving ecstatic responses and rave reviews wherever they went.

By 2002, The Parkinsons were plastered all over the press, radio, TV, and every major UK music festival – upsetting everybody from venue staff to the Queen in the process. Undeterred, Japan welcomed them with open arms and snapped them up for the biggest ever tour undertaken there by a Western band.

The Parkinsons’ story is extraordinary. But was their journey just a long way to nowhere? Find out in this unique, hilarious, moving and ultimately deeply human story of maximum rock’n’roll, the likes of which we are unlikely to see again.

A Long Way to Nowhere is compiled from hundreds of hours of incredible and intimate fly-on-the-wall footage along with interviews with the band and other key players.

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“The Parkinsons were/still are a bizarre force of nature in rock n roll. They have a spark that I saw in other great rock n rollers of yore. It can't be manufactured or learnt, it is a primal natural thing. I was so happy to see the story unfold from the early days in Portugal onwards. It was superb - brilliantly directed, funny, sad and happy and it moved me too. They WERE the last gang in town. It's a long way to nowhere, but they got a punk rock n roll Oyster card for life!" (Tom Crossley)

“Exciting, violent, sad, endearing and absolutely brutal. Easily the best movie of the year.” (Joao Rui)

“The sheer insanity and carnage of their live performances is captured perfectly. It totally gets how jaw dropping it was to see them live” (Simon Phillips, whisperinandhollerin)

“Afonso is without a doubt one of the most charismatic & engaging front men I’ve ever seen. It’s so unexpected that a film about an in-your-face, unpredictable, noise-terror punk band should be so mischievously, sweetly funny, but it is.” (George Hencken, film director)

“The film runs fast and fun, with dynamic editing which highlights the band’s character. It’s a hymn to life, and a return to the values ​​of friendship and simplicity” (La Voce, Italy)

“I’m not patriotic at all, but I gotta admit that for the first time I actually felt proud to be Portuguese.” (Rachel Faustino, Heatwave Magazine)